7 Restaurant Hacks To Turn Your Brand Into an Instagram Powerhouse

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

According to Brandwatch, "engagement with brands on Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest, and 84 times higher than Twitter." Instagram is a visual platform and the focus of any restaurant is the way your food taste but in order to convert online customers, the focus of your restaurant marketing is through photographed food.

It has been reported, "18-35-year-olds spend five whole days a year browsing food images on Instagram, and 30 per cent would avoid a restaurant if their Instagram presence was weak."

Getting straight to the point, how visually appetizing is your restaurant's Instagram? Dive into these 7 trustworthy hacks to turn any restaurant into a Instagram powerhouse.

1. Always Post Your Most Visually Appealing Images

The primary objective of posting an image on Instagram is to make someone want whatever it is that you're advertising. Are you posting about the interior decor of your establishment? Does what you captured look inviting and/or does you have an Instagrammable spot in the restaurant? Does your food photograph well and make your customers or potential customers salivate through the phone? If you are not inlove with the pictures, bottom line, do not post it!

2. Post Consistently On an average, 80 million photos are shared on Instagram daily. It is very easy for you to post one day garnering attention and then a few days later your profile visits and likes have decreased because you haven't post. The only way to stay relevant is to continually create content. It may be helpful to establish a theme, editing technique or photographing style. There are tons of apps to assist in planning your post for Instagram such as Preview and Mosaico to name a few.

3. Collaborate with Food Bloggers Partnering with a food blogger gives you a great return on your investment. Choose food bloggers that have between 30K - 50K followers. Asking for their engagement rate on Instagram should be top on your priority as well when picking a food blogger. Some of these influencers may charge to work with them, some may want to exchange a post for a free meal for them and their friends or a mixture of the two. It all really depends on the deal you make.

4. Use Local Hashtags

Unless your restaurant has locations all over the world, I would suggest using local hashtags whenever possible. For example, if your restaurant is located in Washington, D.C. you can use hashtags like: #DCFoodie, #Washington_DC, #IGDC, #DCRestaurants, etc. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags so incorporate as many local hastags as possible for better brand awareness.

5. Interact With Users

Whenever your picture gets a like or a comment, engage with the user. Another way to get great content is by searching for your branded hashtag or through your tagged images to see what photos your customers have uploaded of your establishment. Re-posting those images let your users know that you are checking for them as much as they are checking for you and that they will potentially be able to get their image posted on your food. Something as simple as a re-post can make a customer feel special and become a repeat customer.

6. Run Instagram Ads

The right time to run a social media ad is after all organic reach has been exhausted. Some ideas for conducting an Instagram ad can be running a contest, having a sale, seasonal dishes or drinks, the possibilities are endless. Ads allow you to target local audiences to convert eyeballs to paying customers. Make sure your caption is eye-catching.

7. Make Instagram Apart of Your In-Store Strategy

If your restaurant has gone green or still uses paper receipts you can include your Instagram handle on either the top or bottom of the receipt. You can also include your Instagram handle on flyers, menus, or a section in the restaurant that is designated for Instagram shareable views. Maybe implementing 10%-20% off the customers dish when they dine in-house can be incorporated as well.

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