7 Pinterest Tips for Your Brand

Out of all the social media sites in the world wide web Pinterest is usually the last platform brands tend to gravitate towards for brand exposure and sales. According to Sprout Social, 93% of active pinners use Pinterest to plan out their purchases and 50% of those have actually made a purchase after seeing a promoted pin.

If you're not familiar with Pinterest, it is basically thee ultimate virtual pin board. Pinterest allows users to create photo and video collections online pertaining to a theme. Pinterest is great for brands because it a portal for your products, services and content.

By following these 7 easy steps, you'll be on your way building your brand leads and sales.

1. Build Content Rich Boards Around Your Niche Pin your products and your content to themed boards on Pinterest with shortened links that allow you to track your Pinterest traffic. Make the content that your pinning or uploading is visually appealing because let's face it, it is a visual platform. When creating boards, do not leave them empty. When someone clicks on your profile, you want to give them a good first impression. You want them to know that you are active, engaging and have great content.

2. Brand Your Business The first thing you'll want to do is make sure your profile name is your business name for easier brand recognition. In the about section, include a brief description about your brand. It should be short and to the point just like your Twitter or Instagram bio. Major tip, connect your Facebook, Etsy, Instagram, YouTube and website to your account. Your website will show as live link directly under your bio. This can ultimately lead your monthly viewers or followers to connect with you on all social sites.

3. Use Keywords for Search Results When uploading images or video be mindful of how you are describing your content. If you want to be found under the keyword ‘haircare’, use the word “haircare” somewhere in your description.

4. Mention Other Users You can mention others in your Pinterest comments or pin descriptions to get their attention or to recognize someone specific. A ‘mention’ is very similar to Facebook and Twitter. Type the @ symbol before starting to type the name of the person. A drop down box will appear and your choice should be displayed there for you to select. Careful to note: you can only mention users who are following you on at least one board. When you mention someone using this method, they will get an email (if they have their settings set up for email) and the @mention will be linked back to their profile.

5. Pin Videos Pinterest allows you to pin videos from different social sites. For example, if you want to upload a YouTube video you must use the share tool from the YouTube video itself. 6. Pin Smart Make sure you are using a graphic in your blog posts that is clearly associated with the content. For example, do not use an image of coffee and your talking about tea. Be very specific. Use your business name in the description for easier brand recognition as well.

7. Optimize your Graphics When creating graphics for your blog posts, include the name of your post as well as the URL of your site.

If you're unable to mange your social media accounts because of time management or know of a small business that may be in need of assistance, please refer my social media firm, CLH Cosmo for any services by emailing Claire.Howard@CLHCosmo.com or calling 202.670.9146.

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