5 Secret Instagram Hacks When Posting

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Figuring out how to use Instagram can be tricky at first. Should you include a bio? Should you make it a business profile? Should you use a theme on your feed or go with a color scheme? You're probably wondering how many hashtags to use and whether or not to put them in the caption or as a comment. And now, Instagram Live and Instagram Stories are a real thing people do, almost daily. Omg, so many decisions, let's dive into the the top 5 secret hacks to help you get started posting on Instagram today!

1. Double Check Your Caption Before Posting

Typos are always an eye soar. Most people are sticklers for bad grammar and would totally make fun of or scroll past your picture or video altogether if this happens in your caption. If you are selling a product or providing a service for your business through an Instagram post, you should always make sure you are putting your best foot forward. The first impression always matters, even on social media.

2. Be Smart With Hashtags

Using hashtags helps to make your Instagram page discover able to the masses that are not already following you. A little while ago, Instagram changed their algorithm and now the lifetime of your post based on the hashtags being used is decreasing. You want to make sure you are putting your hashtags in your caption so they register at the same time your picture is posted and not 5 minutes later after you've gathered all the hashtags relevant to your post. I repeat, the hashtags register at the time the picture is posted, not when you post the hashtags as a comment.

Use relevant hashtags to your brand and the topic of the posted picture or video. For example, if you have a nail shop and you are posting a video of a client's finished service, your hashtags can include #nailsnailsnails, #nailjunkie, #nailinstagram, etc. It has been known to be best practice to find hashtags with a lifetime less than 800,000 post. The reasoning behind this ensures your post stays active and visible longer with a higher chance of being labeled a Top Post. This is where your niche followers are created.

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3. Utilize Instagram Stories and Instagram Live

Posting on your feed everyday, multiple times a day can sometimes cause you to look like spam to your followers. This can cause some to unfollow and leave you wondering what you are doing wrong. The fun alternative to posting to your feed everyday is using Instagram Stories. Content can be created in an organic way and can sometimes derive from a campaign or re-producing blog post content, funny pictures, etc. The cool thing about Instagram Stories is that once you acquire 10,000 followers on Instagram the option to link your Instagram Stories post to a url becomes available. Being able to add a direct link to each Instagram Story is a game changer because when you post on your actual feed you still have to say, "Link in bio," when posting your caption! Blah!

Instagram Live does not have to be used everyday but there are so many things that you can showcase like your brand events, live "webinars", interviews, intimate chats with your followers etc. Using Instagram Live and Instagram Stories helps to boost your brand's algorithm so that you become more visible to your followers and potential followers.

4. Take Polls and Ask Questions

Engaging with your audience can sometimes feel a little forced. One easy way to get your followers to engage with you is by taking a poll or asking questions in your Instagram Stories. You can also ask a question in an actual post caption. The more comments and likes your post receives helps other people to like and comment. Remember, people are like flock, lead one where you want the herd to go.

5. Use the Highlights Feature

The only way you can use the Highlights feature on your Instagram page is if you have posted an Instagram Story. Your Instagram Stories are archived and you are able to choose from any of them to include in a highlight reel that will be showcased on your actual Instagram feed. For example, if you have a hookah bar, your happy hour, menu, and any specials can be posted in your Instagram Story and then used in a Highlight reel on your page for an easy reference.

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