4 Ways Beauty Salons Can Attract New Clients With Social Media

Prospective clients have their eyes glued to social media to see the latest hairstyles, nail designs, and makeup trends. A well-curated social media profile can attract new patrons by the second if you are utilizing them for all its worth. Remember you're only as good as your last post!

1. Highlight Your Work

Showcasing your clients work when they are pleased with your work is best practice. Some ways to go about getting an image is by having a camera on-hand. You can even go as far to have a designated spot in your salon equipped with proper lighting to ensure your work is shown without an shadows. Another way to go about sharing your work is by re-posting your client's fresh selfie. Make sure you are encouraging your clients to tag you in their image and use any branded hashtags your salon has curated.

2. Give a Sneak Peak into Salon Life

Salons have the ability to make every client feel beautiful. The glitz and glammer of the beauty industry can even make your clients want to live through your brand if you are showcasing the life in the day of working in a salon. Why do you think there are so many reality shows about beauty salons? Leave the catty behavior behind the scenes and showcase a well-tailored reality. For example, if there is a daily, weekly or monthly ritual that you and your co-workers partake, like staff promotions, stylist of the month, eating lunch together, staff trips, etc.

3. Advertise Deals and Promos

Salons everywhere are getting really creative with their social media marketing. Making a video for a back-to-school sale or valentines day is a great way to showcase your work, generate organic local exposure, and use for social media "commerical" ads. You can also create an About Us video that can be used repeatedly via social media ads. Creating graphics can be a tricky task sometimes because you may not have the expertise or tools. Canva, is an friendly tool that anyone can use to create some really awesome advertising graphics for social media.

4. Showcase Testimonials

Facebook has a built-in review system but for social sites like Twitter and Instagram you will have to manually post your customer reviews. As mentioned previously, using Canva is a great way to make a client testimonial template for social media. Another great way to create videos of your clients right after you've finished beautifying them. Showcasing your work in real time is definitely an added bonus.

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