4 Facebook Business Tips You Must Start Using Now

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

1. Post Regularly Everyone has a busy schedule and whether you have a small business or a blog it may seem daunting to find the time to post on your Facebook. I've found it's much easier when creating content for my clients to schedule content a week ahead to be a step ahead of any sick days I might have or to avoid days where I just might feel like taking a break. If you are just starting out and are solely focusing on Facebook, I would use their built in scheduler. It is very easy to use and it's free. If you are posting to more than one social media account per day/week I would suggest using a 3rd party scheduler like Hootsuite, Buffer or Meet Edgar. Whichever you choose, is your preference.

By posting regularly this helps to boost your algorithm on Facebook to ensure that your brand is thriving and your being noticed by the right people.

2. Tag People + Companies Mentioned When sharing content on Facebook sometimes our caption requires us to mention other businesses. By using the @ symbol in your caption along with their Facebook handle, it notifies the brand that you are talking about them. In the end, that business may end up re-sharing your post and now your brand is being made aware to their followers. Everyone ends up winning, especially if they have more followers than you!

3. Re-Promote Old Content Do you have an old holiday post or have you made ever green content that still applies to your readers? Re-promote that content to your audience. In your caption, if applicable, use trending keywords and/or hashtags to boost the algorithm of the post.

4. Create Videos It's no secret that Facebook's algorithm favors videos. So start today by making a video for your brand or business. Don't feel overwhelmed, it does not have to longer than a minute. You just might end up attracting a larger audience in a much shorter time span than expected.

If you're unable to mange your social media accounts because of time management or know of a small business that may be in need of assistance, please refer my social media firm, CLH Cosmo for any services by emailing Claire.Howard@CLHCosmo.com.

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